100% Pure Cacao


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***Awarded the Golden Bean award for the 'Best chocolate of 2017' by the Acadamy of chocolate***

We have spent years looking for a 100% cacao that is suitable for eating and have tried many different ones including some famous brands. We were always disappointed, finding the cacao bland, overly bitter and grainy.

This cacao is different

Grown and manufactured in Madagascar this cacao is smooth with a balanced bitterness and with incredible fruit flavour of cherries and blackberry.

As this contains no sugar it is suitable for diabetics. This product contains no soya

Although it is much smoother than most 100% chocolate it lacks the sweetness that you may be used to in chocolate. If you are new to 100% we recommend that you start by eating 1/4 pieces and letting it melt slowly on your tongue. After 3 or 4 small pieces you will be used to the lack of sugar and then your taste buds will unlock the incredible flavours of the pure cacao

Supplied in 3 convenient 40g snack packs

120g e

Ingredients: (Cocoa solids min 100%) Cocoa mass, cocoa butter

Weight 0.12kg