"It's all about the taste"

We are often asked what's different about our chocolates. The simple answer is 'the quality'! A combination of exceptional chocolate, the finest natural flavourings and the subtle skill of blending ingredients to ensure the flavours enhance the chocolate.

In 2007 we set out to find the very best chocolate for our new business. We tasted chocolate from all over the world before we settled on a blend that uses a combination of cacao beans from Africa, Mexico and Columbia.

Deliciously drenched in flavour

Our chocolate has a beautiful smooth texture. It's essence is deep and rich without being excessivly bitter making it perfect for adding our signature flavours.

Having found our chocolate we then sought out the finest flavourings: organic essential oils extracted using cold press or steam distillation and small local businesses such as 'Sloeberry Spirits' and 'White Peak Distillery' who hand craft award winning fine local products.

So although 'quality' is an easy way to describe why you should choose our chocolates, the process of creating quality is far from easy.

The Bittersweet Chocolate Co.